Ceremonial Chocolates – “Soul Retrieval”


Buy/order/purchase Soulcybin Ceremonial Chocolates Online from a legit online Magic Mushrooms shop in  Ann Arbor USA without/no prescription and guaranteed overnight/next day delivery

Our Ceremonial Dose Chocolates includes 2.5 Grams of an Alchemical Blend of 4 different Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms; each one providing a unique and powerful layer to this reality-transforming journey, which is inevitable through the experience of these Sacred Chocolates.

Each one is hand-crafted in small batches with immense love, care and conscious prayer; for each person who experiences these Ceremonial Chocolates, to receive a Deep Awakening of the Heart and Soul, on a level that is truly beyond words, until experienced for yourself…


Buy Soulcybin Ceremonial Chocolates Online

Buy Soulcybin Ceremonial Chocolates Online Our highest intention for creating these Ceremonial Chocolates, is to support you in your process of emotional healing, and spiritual awakening, on the deepest level possible.

We are all going through a profound transformation.

On a collective and personal level, we are all being asked – no, FORCED…

To LOOK AT what we are holding inside of us…

To FEEL what we’ve disconnected ourselves from…

And to finally UNRAVEL the knots of emotional blockage and disconnection from our hearts, that we ALL hold within at some level…

Little do we know…

The pains and traumas, the childhood wounds, and unprocessed emotional baggage that we ALL carry…

THIS is the TIME that we are in…

To HEAL this…

And above all – whether we use these Ceremonial Chocolates to help accelerate or make the journey easier

We are ALL being asked to HEAL the wounds that we’ve ignored, or been blind to, for long enough…

Why Microdose with SoulCybin?


Buy Soulcybin Ceremonial Chocolates Online According to National Geographic, psychedelic drugs have evolved from a taboo topic to one gaining acceptance in mainstream society. Microdosing mushrooms buy online Psychedelics Soul cybin Ann arbor are currently earning approval from the general medical community, even earning a designation of a “breakthrough therapy” by the FDA. Additionally, in 2020 Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology published a review which found that a number of small experimental studies found that microdosing psilocybin yields subtle, yet positive changes to emotions. Buy Microdose Online

Microdosing mushrooms where to buy  So when it comes to micros-dosing, SoulCybin reddit knows there is no one-size-fits-all as everyone needs a different dosage of psilocybin. Soulcybin coupon code Since everyone needs a different dosage of psilocybin, SoulCybin Legal lets you choose between capsules with 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 mg powdered mushroom with 1% of active ingredient psilocybin per capsule.Recommended Dose: Take

We like to think that Soulcybin reviews helps clients find the dose that works for them.
Not sure where to start? Consider trying multiple Sample Packs to find your sweet spot. Buy Microdosing mushrooms online  
While psilocybin microdosing is being considered for dealing with a range of a range of conditions including depression and anxiety, SoulCybin products bring a sense of well-being to many users.

SoulCybin website ships to the continental United States with a guarantee; if your package doesn’t arrive, we will re-ship it. No cost to you. Is soulcybin legit 

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2.5grams, 5grams

6 reviews for Ceremonial Chocolates – “Soul Retrieval”

  1. Belinda

    This product is wonderful. I throughly enjoy my hot chocolate and the calming, loving affect. Shared with friends makes the experience even nicer. Thank you Soulcybin

  2. Kennedy

    I have tried other types of Ceremonial chocolates and I can honestly say this is my go-to and fav. Thank you, I am truly grateful to Dan and the team for thinking this to us. Soulcybin are the best

  3. Paul

    The sacred chocolates were amazing. My husband and I were very blessed and grateful to have purchased these chocolates. We had a great ceremonial experience with these sacred plant medicine chocolates. I can’t wait for you all to create more. I really wish these could be readily available to purchase on your site with your other sacred products. We love, love, love those chocolates.

  4. Valery

    tried the raw ceremonial chocolates for a change and I have to say that they were so easy to use. I would definitely recommend them.

  5. Adams

    As always the quality of this ceremonial chocolate is superb. The delivery is prompt and the taste is utterly divine. My go to for Soulcybin

  6. Golda

    Will deff be ordering again !

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